Hindi Hair – Part I

Travelling through India you see so many women with impossible hair.  Long, shiny, TV commercial hair. I asked a barber once how they do it and his response was quite simple. Coconut Oil.

There is a huge coconut oil bandwagon that every man and his dog is hopping on, and with good reason.  Coconut oil is amazingly good for you, drink it, cook with it, rub it all over your body. The benefits of coconut oil are quite possibly endless.

Over the past year I have brutalised my hair.  Bleach, blonde, tone, repeat.  So, channelling my inner Indian lady I soaked my hair in some long overdue love.

I got this jar from the health food store – $12

I melted oil in a bowl in a pot of hot water – recommendations are that you don’t do this in a microwave.

Coconut oil is solid at room temperature but needs to be heated gently.

I just coated my hands in the oil and ran them through my hair until the oil was nearly finished. With the last little bit I completely soaked the ends of my hair where it needs it most.

A couple of hours later I washed it out.  Considering my hair was literally soaked in oil I was surprised that it didn’t really need the two washes I gave it. It really felt like it drank up the oil which let to great expectations after the blow dry.

In the end I was a little disappointed because it didn’t feel or seem any different to before the treatment. But, nothing worth anything happens over night so I’ll trial 2 treatments a week, for a month and report back.

Have you tried treating your hair with coconut oil? Let me know how you went!


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