Hindi Hair – Part II

A little while ago I posted my initial experience of a coconut oil hair treatment.  Read it here if you missed it.

I was disappointed at the end of the treatment because I was so hopeful that a years worth of damage might be reversed with just one magical bullet. My optimistic side in overdrive…again.

I’m so happy to be able to report back that after the next treatment I did, I had several unprovoked compliments on how shiny my hair looked. Two more treatments later and I’m noticing a difference in texture, quality and shine. It’s working so well, I’m sticking to two treatments a week.

Chatting with a girlfriend about how successful it has been she had heard of leaving the treatment in over night. Sounds excellent but I’m fairly useless in the morning, it’s all I can do to feed Smokey cat, get my clothes on the right way round and make it out the door by 9am.  I’m curious to see how big a difference there is between a 2 hour treatment versus an 8 hour one – weekend project for sure.

Let me know how your treatments are working out!


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