I’m quitting sugar.

So it’s decided.  I’m quitting sugar.I’ve dabbled in cutting out sugar in the past by eliminating certain things out of my diet like bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, all added sugars etc. Those few eliminations have mostly stuck but lately I’ve been tucking into fruit like a bat, I’m increasingly dabbling in vegemite on Turkish toast breakfasts and while I don’t cook rice, I don’t say no to it.

I’m an addict and I’m on a slippery slope.

The concept that sugar is far worse for you than fat is so widely accepted now, you could call it mainstream. Sugar’s big old secret is out and we know it feeds cancer, causes mineral deficiencies and metabolic disorders, contributes to obesity, obscures clarity and promotes wrinkles and the effects of ageing!  

Well damn you sugar, enough is enough! I refuse to be wrinklier than is genetically programmed for me and avoiding cancer sounds like a pretty good plan too.

Recently, I bought Sarah Wilson’s eBook – I Quit Sugar. According to Sarah, the 8 week program works, for good. Thankfully my flatmate is also willing to join me, it wouldn’t be the same travelling solo on the sugar free road.

Monday 18 June we start our program. The following week I’m hoping to report back on a wonderful experience of calm, clarity and care-bears.  While I’m hoping for care-bears I am actually expecting mood swings, headaches and bloodshed – my own bloodshed of course.  I’m much, much more clumsy when moody.

Fingers and toes crossed for the next 8 weeks please everyone!


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