IQS week 2: Big ole cheaty cheat-cheat

Week 2 of quitting sugar was punctuated with a trip to my sister and her husbo’s place. I have two younger sisters and this weekend I stayed with my middle sister, Katie. Katie is married to Mel and they are the parents of my marvelous little niece Addison. Aww little Addy who squeals High Five Sistaaaa with me and leads me by the finger to play with her toys and says Isha at regular intervals as if she’s about to ask me a question.

The weekend was the first time I’d come up against any resistance to my plan of staying sugar free for 8 weeks and I was especially surprised to find that it came from my family. Resistance is actually too strong a word, mild derision is a much better fit.

The mild derision I faced were a few, frustrated comments such as: “you can’t do this forever it’s not sustainable”, “I’d have another look at what you’re doing, fruit is healthy everyone knows that” and a favourite from my mum “honey doesn’t have any sugar in it, its nature’s sweetener”.

I’m in two minds about why my people weren’t as encouraging as I thought they would be. It may simply be because I’m always on about some new thing or another and they’re tired of being enthusiastic. Or it could be less about me and more about them. But delving into that train of thought is a little deep for me today.

Spending the weekend at the house of sugar my rubbery arm didn’t take too much twisting to have a couple of cheats.

Cheat 1: The weekend was planned to do a practice run of cupcakes for Addy’s 2nd birthday. We got carried away creating new flavours so of course we had to keep tasting the batter to get the flavour combination right. Let me tell you lemon, honey and cinnamon is pretty amazing!

Cheat 2: Katie had a couple of bananas that were getting a little old so I made banana bread muffins. I cooked it so I had to taste it, right?

I’m back on the bandwagon today and I feel good about the weeks to come. My resolve is strengthened and I’m determined to get through the 8 weeks with no more cheats.

I’m going to spend this weekend in the kitchen and I WILL create amazing sugar free cupcakes for Addy’s birthday. Expect a recipe soon!

IQS Week 2 Diary

Monday day 8. Easy day! Didn’t real think about sugar but I did have a container full of nutty fudgey chocolatey goodness to share with colleagues.

Tuesday day 9. Am I quitting sugar really? I feel so… normal. And really not hungry at all.

Wednesday day 10. I’m so ridiculously happy today! My bounce and energy is properly back. Made myself have lunch at 2.30pm today not because I felt like it but because I was worried I’d have a sugar craving later in the day if I got hungry to quickly. My eyes are super bright, clear and quite sparkly. If this is the result of no sugar, it’s excellent!

Thursday day 11. Where is my appetite? Lunch again at 2.30 which I have to say is a very good time for finding cutlery in the office kitchen. Easy day, bright eyes still, happy!

Friday day 12. Off to my sisters for the weekend, packed a bottle of soda water and a lump of cheese to get me through! Chilli omelet for dinner while my sister had McDonalds – WIN!

Saturday day 13. Today I cheated. We did the trial run of cupcakes for Addy’s 2nd birthday and during the creation of new flavours there were multiple finger dips in the batter.

Sunday day 14. Last day at my sisters and another cheat. I can’t be trusted! I made banana bread muffins with 2 bananas that were getting old and I ate one – gosh it was good too!

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