EVOO v Coconut Oil: a clear winner!

There are so many articles on the science behind why coconut oil is amazing for your hair and I don’t want to upset the coconut cart but yesterday EVOO seriously kicked coconut oil’s ass in repairing my hair in ONE treatment.

Perhaps it wasn’t the oil and perhaps it was the method. For some reason I decided to wet my hair before I did the EVOO treatment.

The EVOO method

  1. Drench hair completely (easiest in the shower)
  2. Squeeze out excess water
  3. Soak hair with a couple of cups of EVOO – depending on your hair length
  4. Massage ends, massage scalp, massage some into your face too!
  5. Squeeze out excess and clip hair back in a bun
  6. Leave for 40 minutes and wash out
  7. Stare, open mouthed at your hair in every reflection you come across for the next few hours.

During the shampoo I felt a difference in quality and once it was dry I was amazed. It looked like healthy hair! Healthy and shiny and happy hair and it was on my head.  I’m still over the moon.  Can I say miracle yet?

The coconut oil method

  1.  Melt a couple of cups of coconut oil – depending on your hair length
  2. Soak your hair in it
  3. Leave for a couple of hours – it will solidify if you’re doing the treatment in winter
  4. Wash

After the first experiment with coconut oil hair treatment I was disappointed (check out the other posts) but with some perserverance found that a couple of treatments a week were needed to get the impact that I wanted.

Have you used one or both?  What are your thoughts?

One thought on “EVOO v Coconut Oil: a clear winner!

  1. Hey Lisa, I was just wondering, have you tried Moroccan Argan Oil, it makes my hair feel great, as an oil treatment, no doubt. However, I am unsure what the benefits of using this oil are in the long run? Any thoughts?

    Also, any ideas and or suggestions about using Keratin in Shampoo and Conditioner as a powerful hair care treatment? Is this any good? What are the risks?

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