365 Project – a whole year of a-photo-a-day!

In November a friend posted on facebook she was going to do the www.FatMumSlim.com.au photoaday challenge.

It’s the kind of thing I get curious about… will my interest last a whole month, will I be creative enough to make good pictures or will I just forget or get bored.

Funnily enough I absolutely loved it. It pushed me to look at stuff in life again in a way that I feel like I might have done once upon a time – I looked forward each day to seeking out an abstract view of that days inspiration and also settling when I was beat.

Fast forward one month to the work Christmas party where I was seated at lunch, chatting about the excellent photoaday challenge I was doing, when my colleague told me all about the 365 Project. With a few glasses of bubbles inside me I assured her that my attention couldn’t possibly hold taking photos every single day for a whole year, my attention span could really just hold a conversation at that point.

The Project sounded pretty cool though and it stayed with me… a few days later I checked out the website and soon after I emailed her saying let’s do it together. And so it is! While the 365 Project also offers weekly themes, from today until next new years day, Bec and I will provide broad inspiration for each other on alternate weeks with Tuesday being our start day. This week  Bec was the first to provide inspiration – letters.

It’s highly unlikely that I’ll be posting photos on this blog every day, but I will post seven per week starting 7 January.  If you want to catch my daily photos, follow me on Instragram or Twitter! Feel free to critique my amateur photography skills… hopefully you’ll help me improve!

Happy new year and here’s to the next 365!

Love Lisx

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