Week 2, 365 Project… Oblique

Wow, week 2 was just awesome. To come up with the theme I spent 20 minutes or so with a dictionary for a little inspiration and was really excited when I randomly flipped to Oblique.

The major benefit of this week was an incident that happened in December, I slipped my L5 S1 disc. Pretty major pain causing regular bouts of indulgent self pity. This week however, for the most part, I’ve actually felt moments of gratitude.

Being the first week back at work and attempting not to sit all day on a rotating range of inappropriate chairs, I’ve been taking walks around the block. There is no way I’d leave my desk to randomly wander around the block if I hadn’t slipped my disc – so I’m grateful for the opportunity to discover the excellent inspiration the city offered up to me for this weeks challenge.

It truly is amazing what you see when you look. And that’s what makes this project so special.

I’m enjoying this project more and more everyday and most mornings I wake up wondering what photo I’ll uncover that day. Who knows maybe this experiment will actually stick!

I love finding out what photos you like the most so check out the ones below and vote for your favourite:

Day 8:  A telegraph pole as I was walking home from my bus stop.

Telegraph pole

Telegraph pole

Day 9: This is the building next to the one I work in – pretty amazing structure

Oblique Angles

Oblique Angles

Day 10: It’s amazing what you see when you look up.  Caught between two building with sun peeking through

High rise rays

High rise rays

Day 11: A garden bed full of lily’s in the middle of the city. It’s so lovely to see pockets of life when surrounded by concrete and glass.

Urban Lilly

Urban Lily

Day 12: The Sydney Festival has begun and Martin Place has a load of excellent flags

Sign of Pasion

Sign of Pasion

Day 13: The old Lambretta in Andy’s backyard – the perfect alternative to a gnome!

Lambretta Gnome

Lambretta Gnome

Day 14: I LOVE old street lamps and to think I’ve walked past this one every day and never noticed!

Street Lamp

Street Lamp

Next week is going to be a doozy picked by Bec (check out her week 2 blog)


In case you’re not familiar with ROYGBIV, it’s the acronym for the sequence of hues in a rainbow according to how the English language divides the visible light spectrum: it’s Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.

I’m not sure if I’ll follow the sequence or mix it up – I’ll let inspiration lead the way :)

If you want to catch my daily photos, follow me on Instragram or Twitter and as always – critiques on my amateur efforts encouraged!

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