Week 3, 365 Project… ROYGBIV

ROYGBIV – the acronym for the sequence of hues in a rainbow according to how the English language divides the visible light spectrum: it’s Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. I loved this challenge because I discovered an app that can tint images – Gelo – which just exploded my world. I had a fleeting thought that perhaps tinting was cheating… a fleeting thought :)

If you read my Week 2 post you’d remember that I’m doing regular laps around the block in the Sydney CBD to relieve the pain in my back. I’m still on the laps so most photos have again been inspired by the city.

At the weekend I spent some time with my artist sister and (bravely) asked her what she thought of my pics – her timid response was “they’re good, but pretty same same” she didn’t want to hurt my feelings, god love her. Taking her advice on board – she is an artist after all – you’ll notice the last two are a bit different to the same same of early in the week. Or maybe they are still a little same same.  I’ll add it to the challenge for next week – to attempt wildly different photos each day while still complying with the theme.

A colleague lamented recently that she couldn’t vote for more than one photo – well now you can! Happy voting!  

Day 15: The State Theatre is my favourite theatre in Sydney and I got to put the new app to use!

Day 15, Sydney State Theatre in the red

Day 16: I have a bit of a thing for street lamps. I think Paris did it to me.

Day 16 Orange Streetlamp

Day 16 Orange Streetlamp

Day 17: Yep, I really do have a streetlamp fetish – and a yellow tint from the app!

Day 17 Yellow Streetlamp

Day 17 Yellow Streetlamp

Day 18: The Yellow streetlamp is right across the road from this green park bench on Blight St.  Bligh St is a really beautiful street.

Day 18 Green Park Bench

Day 18 Green Park Bench

Day 19: My first Hemmingway book and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

Day 19 Blue Hemmingway

Day 19 Blue Hemmingway

Day 20: Day Indigo was such a controversial day.  Everyone has their own opinion on what indigo is. Personally I don’t think my indigo cuts the mustard.  I see indigo as really dark blue. But I was stuck – so this is what we’ve ended up with :)

Day 20, Indigo Lambretta wall

Day 20, Indigo Lambretta wall

Day 21: My favourite photo of the week! Man is she gorgeous. She’s Jimmy Choo’s new supermodel in their store window with a violet tint.

Day 21 Violet Supermodel

Day 21 Violet Supermodel

Thursday 24 January will be my 35th birthday and as it’s my turn to choose our theme it’s – Celebration!

Be sure to catch my project partner’s Week 3 photos on her blog.

If you want to catch my daily photos, follow me on Instragram or Twitter and as always – critiques on my amateur efforts encouraged!


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