Week 4, 365 Project… Celebration!

Luckily the theme for this week fell on my alternate week to provide the inspiration. Luckily because this week was my birthday and also Australia Day.

In Week 3 I mentioned that my artist sister said my pictures were “ok but same same”.  NOT this week. I didn’t look for pictures but just let them… pop up. The result is certainly not a cohesive set but it was my birthday so I snapped what I wanted to :)

See what you think and vote (more than once if you like!) 

Day 22: The most excellent gift from my team mates at work – an indoor vertical garden! They know me so well.

Day 22

Day 22 Vertical Garden

Day 23: A bottle of bubbles to see in my birthday

Day 23

Day 23 Birthday Bubbles

Day 24: My birthday!! And how I spent it – perfect.

Day 24

Day 24 Birthday Beaching

Day 25: Roadtripping with the girls to the Hunter Valley north of Sydney, Australia for a long weekend of too much cheese, too much wine and a little too much rain.

Day 25

Day 25 Birthday Roadtrip

Day 26: Australia Day – also known as Invasion Day and what better way to spend a part of it than killing shit on the game machines. Go boys!

Day 26

Day 26 Birthday Slaying

Day 27:  What a present! Pearls are my favourite, vintage settings are my favourite. A beautiful pearl in an amazing setting – best bithday gift ever! Thanks little sister xxx

Day 27

Day 27 Best bithday gift ever

Day 28: Ok. Confessional.  This is a maaajor cheat photo. I needed a photo and I was so buggered from the weekend and still slightly hungover all I wanted to do was couch nap – and so that’s what I did and took a photo of :)


Day 28 Birthday Recovery

Week 5 and it’s Bec’s turn to choose the theme which is Underneath

Be sure to catch my project partner’s Week 4 photos on her blog.

If you want to catch my daily photos, follow me on Instragram or Twitter and as always – critiques on my amateur efforts encouraged!

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