Week 5… FAIL

This week will always be known as Week 5 Fail.

Bec came up with the deliciously dark theme of Underneath and I didn’t take a single photo. I was really excited about the theme when she told me, envisioning black and whites, gritty side streets and society’s underbelly-esque pictures.

But it wasn’t to be, life just got in the way. Work was chaotic, a malfunction in my love life occurred and a lot of late nights were accompanied with too many glasses of wine.

Bec on the other hand sailed through and you can see all of her pics on her blog.  She kindly reminded me to come up with a theme for week 6 and so I’m raising her underneath theme to  Above.

While the blog is late, so far I’m track with the pictures! To see my daily photos daily, follow me on Instragram or Twitter and as always – critiques on my amateur efforts encouraged!

Week 6… Back on track :)


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